Where I’ve been, how it’s going, and my vision for the future…

About Hailey

I imagine a world where all people know and accept themselves deeply and completely.

…Not the person they think they need to be for others, what the world expects them to become, or the roles and responsibilities they perform out in society. But instead: the true, unique, and beautiful human beings they are underneath all that.

Let’s lay it all out… Here’s where I’ve been…

I learned early on (almost too early) that life is full of intense struggle and pain. And also filled with so much beauty. Experience after experience that happened beyond my control cracked my sensitive heart wide open and showed me what I was made of—time and time again. I had to grow up, and I had to do it fast.

For the first half of my life, I tried so damn hard to fit inside a perfected “normal” little box. I altered the way I talked, dressed, and yes—even what I valued, if that meant I’d be seen and loved.

I morphed my self image around other people’s opinions of me, so I could never tell which version was actually true. I became a chronic people pleaser and worrier — so anxious I would pick my fingers until they bled.

I lived as a prisoner of the lies, limiting beliefs, and worries that manifested as a result of early child abuse, complex trauma, and reoccurring PTSD.

Growing up in constant chaos and fear made my brain hardwired for danger, which is helpful if I was being chased by a bear, but for every other life circumstance — it wasn’t.

My collective pain naturally made me seek out healing and restoration. I ached for any sense of relief and remembering that I was MORE than the events that happened to me.

I knew life had to be much more beautiful than this…

With lots and lots of therapy, coaching, and God’s grace, I peeled back thick layers of injury and hurt while simultaneously learning how to trust and strengthen THE REAL ME. 

Who was she? 

Who was I before the lies started pouring into me? 

Who was I prior to my hardwiring of hypervigilance and fear? 

Who was I at my simplest, purest form?

I started discovering pieces of the scattered “ME” puzzle and began recognizing the truth and power that existed inside all along. 

I’m certain you’re here having endured and survived a lot in your life as well. And I want to tell you…

Meeee… TOO.
I see you, sister, I truly do.  

How it’s going…

Everyday is different.

But I’ve come soooooooo far from where I used to be.

I’m humbled to say I’ve worked with thousands of people (mostly women) as an internationally featured life coach, as well as author, and inspirational speaker…

My online courses span across thirteen different countries and around here, you’ll find a phenomenal community filled with vulnerability and friendship. I’m honored to do the work I do, there’s no other way I know how to live my life than to contribute and guide people into wholeness.

Each day feels like a triumph and victory when I can show up as I am, flawed and whole all at the same time. When I can say, “I did the best I could…” and actually believe it.

I’m traveling through, each and everyday, with as much acceptance and awareness that I possibly can.

My Vision for the Future…

Despite the crippling unknowns of the world, I imagine a world where all people Know and accept themselves deeply and completely.

I’ve grown to realize none of us are alone in our pursuit to BE and live out our truest, deepest selves and to create a life of freedom, love, and connectedness. Whether or not we realize it yet.

However you’re showing up right now, my job is to support you in rediscovering and remembering WHO YOU ARE, at your core.

It’s time for you, to Discover you!

There is a voice and a spirit within you that could not and will not ever break. It’s fireproof, it can never be fully buried or silenced, it’ll keep rising above again and again and bringing you back to the truth.

She’s YOU. The real You. 

That’s because freedom and belonging… is an inside job.

So we’re going to take this at your pace, one step at a time, because journeys happen in zig zag’s, not straight lines.

Inhale….. exhale…. *deep breath* … this is where I come in!

I’m here to invite you into the world that IS you. 

I’m here to make a difference in your life. 

I desire to inspire. It’s really that simple. 

You get to choose where we go from here:

Deep Dive

Are you someone who is looking to transform their life from the inside out? Check out:

(Spaces are limited as I only work with a handful of people at a time, so please reach out if you’re interested.)

Global/Local Impact

Are you a leader who has a group of beautiful humans looking to inspire your audience with in-depth and inspirational, but also actionable messages that will leave them more capable of discovering themselves?

Personal Growth

Are you into online education and want to steep your heart and get into the nitty-gritty details and work on what it takes to DISCOVER YOU, then you’ll LOVE these online courses. Fresh, relatable, and relevant — there’s something for you here.

Start Slowly

Are you simply passing by, but perhaps curious what the next right step to take is? I’d recommend starting slowly by reading more of my story and what I’m all about inside one of my books.

OH my friend, one more thing…

Since there are no containers on earth that I fit into, I like all sorts of things. You can find my random, treasured, and fun services I offer over here on the “Side Hustles” page. Hint:

Here’s what I want you to know…

None of us really know what the hell we’re doing or what’s going on “here.” We’re all just doing the very best we can, given what we have in the moment.


As Maya Angelou once said, “when you know better, you do better.” It’s sort of like driving past a house you’ve been searching hours to find. It was always there, you just couldn’t see.

Together, we will unveil the fog and peel back the layers so you can be equipped for what it means to be human. And to do this thing called life with the most awareness, presence, and power possible — it’s all inside you.

Just wait…

It’s only the beginning.


All of my love,

Our Philosophy


We imagine a world where all people Know and accept themselves deeply and completely. 

And we work diligently to create products and services that represent that vision. Everything we make and sell is with this intention in mind.

We operate from a space of total transparency and honesty. We are not perfect, nor do we strive to be. We aim to be our truest, most authentic selves and translate that into everything we do. We show up as we are.

If there’s something you’re searching for, but haven’t found it yet on our site, send us a message—we’d love to hear from you!

Official Bio

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is the author of The Millennial Makeover, Back to the Source, and her new upcoming Memoir: The In-Between. Her degree is in Psychology with a focus on Human Development. She is a nationally recognized inspirational speaker and life coach, as well as a thought leader of her generation, touching the lives of thousands of women all over the world. She’s been featured in; HayHouse Radio, Taste of Home, Vice, MetroParent, Elite Daily, Bustle, Tiny Buddha, and The Guardian among others. Her work spans across thirteen different countries with one focus in mind: use her voice and gifts to uplift humanity and point them in the direction of their innermost, authentic selves.

FACEBOOK: @HaileyJordanYatros

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