The In-Between

The In-Between: all the things that happen on the way to where we’re going

A life-changing memoir, NOW AVAILABLE.

Back to the Source

Back to the Source is a book for anxious souls. It will bring rest and relief to your stressful moments, and it serves as one giant reminder for you to live now. Regain your inner strength and peace and become centered in the deepest part of who you are, no matter what you face.

Praise for Back to the Source:

“Wow! I got so much from this book. I am surrounded by technology, media, etc., on the daily, and this book has given me so much to work with. I’ve already tried the suggestions and got immediate results. Hailey keeps it simple and straight to the core — that is what makes this book so powerful! She gets straight to what works and the basic life fundamentals we often forget about. Technology is smothering us and making us so confused and riddled with anxiety and, worse, forgetting just to stop and …breathe! Thank YOU!”

— Massimo 

“Awesome and comforting and inspiring and eye-opening. This is for all ages and stages of life.”

— Jo 

“For those of you searching for a way back to your truest Self, this book is for you! Hailey takes you on a journey to the roots of who you really are. Back to the Source will help you reach your fullest potential in Love, acceptance, and growth. Take the time to read this book carefully and absorb each lesson it has to offer.”

— Kay 

The Millennial Makeover

The Millennial Makeover inspires young adults to believe in themselves and develop unshakeable confidence in their journey. Twenties are messy, unknown, and often filled with heartbreak. This book will shine the light on what it takes to be a leader and move beyond their fear into trust and love.

Praise for The Millennial Makeover:

“I found The Millennial Makeover inspirational, thought-provoking, and extraordinarily insightful. Although you wrote this book for the Millennial Generation, your perspective, passion, and genuine encouragement transcends to all generations!

As the mother of several Millennials, I honestly believe that your message is so powerful; this is a magnificent and essential read for all ages. I’m glad I purchased more than one copy because I want to share this book with many — but I don’t want to part with my copy. I plan to re-read it with a highlighter in hand!

You, my dear Hailey, are an inspiration! Thank you!”

— Denise

“Fantastic and extremely helpful! This book has a straightforward approach that I really enjoyed. It is an easy read, and I can tell you, you will not want to put it down!

The information presented in the book paralleled my life issues, and it gave me exactly what I needed to hear: hope and encouragement. Also, there are exercises for enabling personal growth to see what/how our mind thinks towards certain things and situations.

It has helped me find the authentic me and gave me a spine of self-confidence and empowerment to live this life as I believe I’m meant to. We need to learn to love ourselves before we can ever learn to love another. I highly recommend this book!”