The In-Between by Hailey Yatros

The In-Between (A Memoir)


The In-Between (A Memoir)


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We search tirelessly for the magic button. The thing that will make, you know, life more bearable. So we look, and we buy, and we distract, and we suppress, and we numb, all with the hopes of making it easier to live inside of our bodies and minds. Which only leaves us feeling more anxious, empty, and disconnected. And as we search for corridors and escape outlets from our sizzling pits of unworthiness and not-enough-ness, the moments that make life beautiful are passing us by. We do our best to avoid our wounds, and while we do that, we cut ourselves off from the very thing that will make us feel the most alive and free: our deepest selves. We look in the mirror and wonder: is this it, is this as good as it gets?

Hailey Yatros is no stranger to pain and trauma. For many years, she was possessed by pain and anxiety, making it nearly impossible for her to remember her worth and value. From child abuse and abandonment to a home fire where she rebuilt her life from scratch, she had to peel back the layers of embedded lies in order to believe in — and recreate — the woman she is today. After moving to the quiet country, forced into solitude and pause, her life came to a halting stop. Which led her down an inner quest to unravel all that she’s ever believed about her pain, trauma, life, love, God, and everything in between.

Profound and thought-provoking, audacious and intimate, The In-Between is a memoir that’ll have you laughing and crying, all in the same breath. A story about how one woman dared to travel through her inner injuries, make meaning in the mess, and found wholeness in the process by boldly staying awake within each moment of the in-between. It is a story of a young woman who chose, deliberately, to no longer run from her discomfort and instead embrace every part of where she’s come from, who she is, and who she can be.

The In-Between shows us what is possible when we summon the courage to imagine a life beyond our suffering and step fully into the magnificence we were born as. Because you were never not, you’d only forgotten, this book will help you remember your wholeness.



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